StlView ActiveX Control v2.0

From: Igor G. Tebelev (
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 01:05:23 EET

Please, check out completely new StlView ActiveX Control v2.0...

I've uploaded it several weeks ago and already getting registration

You can get Shareware version of it from:

I understand that this part may make a lot of people on the list pretty
angry, cause it will contain a little commercial...
So, if you are considering of writing angry replies, -- go ahead and thanks
 for support in my advertisement efforts..

For those who wants to utilize not only CAD/CAM features of StlView, but
be on the "cutting edge" of the computer technology, StlView ActiveX
Control v2.0
gives a unique chance to come closer to the latest and greatest features of
ActiveX and COM Technologies from Microsoft, cause this is the one and only
powerful STL based ActriveX Control on the market today...
Don't spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on the STL related programs
that mostly include not STL related things, but User Interface
that your operating system already has in Microsoft Internet Explorer or
Netscape Navigator...
When you install StlView ActiveX Control v2.0 you can simply Drag & Drop or
Open any
Binary or ASCII STL file as well as 3D-Studio, StlView SOL, SMA and IGT
files in
Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator... More, you don't need
to have those files
on your machine, -- they may be on the other end of the world, and you can
simply access them
through Internet (http and/or ftp)...

So, get ready to be excited: at least, try my control and see for
If you are involved with RP and CAD/CAM you may find it as a handful tool
-- as a powerful visualization, editing and translation utility...
If you are a programmer, get something almost for free, so you don't have
to invest time and resources
on something I've done for you...
Remember, by buying or registering anything today -- you are investing in
yours and ours future...

Below is a brief description of the control:

StlView ActiveX Control will allow to open local or remote Binary or ASCII
STL file as well as 3D-Studio, StlView SOL, SMA and IGT files inside
Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator simply by dropping the
from the shell or using File/Open menu, embed above files into HTML
documents interpreted by Microsoft Internet Explorer (v3.0 and higher) or
Netscape Navigator (v2.0 and above) under Windows95 and Windows NT
4.0, as well as other HTML viewers that support Microsoft's ActiveX
<OBJECT> and/or Netscape's <EMBED> tags.

It also can be used by Visual Basic and Visual C++ developers in their own
applications as a simple and convenient ActiveX (OLE) control to be placed
inside OLE containers to perform visualization, investigation, editing and
export of Solid Objects and Assemblies that were previously saved in very
popular 3D file formats (STL, 3DS, SOL and new SMA, IGT) used in a lot of
CAD/CAM systems and Rapid Prototyping technology.

It will allow you to view, analyze, edit and place solids on HTML documents
as well as export them to Binary or ASCII STL, SOL, IGT, SMA, DXF, IGES,
3DS and VRML files used in a CAD/CAM systems, Rapid Prototyping
technology and Internet.

In addition to features already implemented in version 1.0, new StlView
ActiveX Control version 2.0 will allow you not only to visualize imported
models, but:
     Create and edit solid modeling assemblies;
      Investigate properties of separate Assembly entities and components;
      Move entities in Assembly Tree;
      Merge new component into current assembly;
      Separately visualize each Subassembly and print it out;
      Name and rename components in Assembly Tree;
      Edit Solid entities by Dynamic or parametric Changing Origin, Moving,
      Rotating, Scaling, Mirroring, Copying, Multiple Copying, Inverting
      Harmonizing Normals;
      Check Collisions between separate entities;
      Explode entities into separate closed primitives;
      Create unlimited Slices of primitives and save them to DXF, as well
      investigate them using Dynamic Measuring Mode;
      Create Visual Cuts of Assemblies by specifying cut planes;
       Investigate surfaces and slices by measuring point coordinates,
       and circles(arcs);
       Save current Assembly into newly introduced Solid Modeling
       Assembly file (SMA).

StlView ActiveX Control introduces Solid Modeling Assembly (SMA) format
that saves Assembly Tree structure, and View parameters on each level of
Assembly Tree in a very compact way, using special compression and it's
the only format among accepted by the control that can store Assembly
Tree information.

Compared to version 1.0, StlView ActiveX Control v2.0, was completely
rewritten using Microsoft Foundation Classes Library, all internal
and classes have been redesign to support Solid Modeling Assembly Trees.
Among other improvements are the following:
       Completely redesign and rewritten Visualization engine, that now
       works faster(up to 200,000 triangles per sec) and allow creation of
       Visual Cuts and allow to select either Perspective or Orthogonal
       Dynamic View finder has been designed and implemented that allow
       interactively change View by pressing and holding right mouse button
       and moving the mouse until desired view found (or with Ctrl or Shift

       ZoomIn/Out, StepIn/Out); 
       Dynamic Measuring Mode has been designed and implemented that
       will allow to investigate separate surface or slice points, measure
        lines, arcs and circles, create plane of cut and slices, and even
        or remove triangles. 

Distribution version of StlView ActiveX Control v2.0, also includes very small StlSample Application, that will be automatically installed onto your system during control Setup and will allow to utilize all capabilities of the control and to open STL, SOL, SMA and IGT files directly from the Shell applications like Windows Explorer and/or File Manager. StlSample Application is available in the Source Code (VC++, MFC), maybe useful by C and Visual Basic programmers as an example of usage and can be downloaded from:

Hope, you will like it...and if so all that was written by me... If not -- I don't know who wrote it...

Cheers, Igor

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