Re: solid edge

From: Narva, Jeffrey P. (
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 13:55:00 EET

        There is not a direct translation from Solid Edge and IGES. First they
must convert their part file to a ".sat" and then take the ".sat" and
convert it to IGES. Also this translation is completely outside of the
Solid Edge package. I was told by our Software support people that the
translator is on the CD for Solid Edge but, it is a separate package.
On the CD there is a subdirectory called IGES and there is a "readme"
file explaining how to install. Hope this helps and please let me know
how things work out. We are in the process of moving from EMS to Solid
Edge here.

                                        Jeff Narva
Raytheon Technical Services Co.
ph: 317.306.3262
From: Todd Reese
Subject: Re: solid edge
Date: Saturday, March 14, 1998 12:22PM

i tried suggesting that already but according to them, solid edge can
'save as' three varieties....stl, acis and ems.....the latter two i am
familiar with and the stl is obviously not getting the job done. that
leaves the two i'm clueless about. any ideas??


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