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From: Floyd E Roberts (
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 15:47:24 EET

I have run Solid Edge 3 and 4 and I have had no trouble with STL files. Solid
Edge is typically what NASA's main rapid prototyping site in Huntsville Al uses
for their quick and dirty work. Most likely the solids created in solid edge are
not properly (like mating surfaces do not mate or cutouts are not fully cut
out..etc.) dimensioned.
Floyd - wrote:

> Hi Todd
> >i tried suggesting that already but according to them, solid edge can only
> >'save as' three varieties....stl, acis and ems.....the latter two i am not
> >familiar with and the stl is obviously not getting the job done. that
> just
> >leaves the two i'm clueless about. any ideas??
> >
> >todd
> >From 3.5 reincarnation and up of solid Edge there is a separate utility for
> IGES translation
> and repair. It's called IGES Body Healer.
> Regards,
> Dorjano Baruca
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