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From: Wei Feng (
Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 15:47:16 EET

It's not so difficult to FIND and ORGANIZE your e-mail inbox.
1. Create a NEW FOLDER, e.g. "RPML Mail Box".
2. Open the MAIL FILTER (Netscape Messenger, Pegasus) or
   INBOX ASSISTANT dialog(IE Outlook Express), other email
   software should have this function also.
3. Add three income rules:

   to: contains "" moveto:RPML Mail Box
   cc: contains "" moveto:RPML Mail Box
   from: contains "" moveto:RPML Mail Box

4. Close the dialog and make sure these rules have been applied.
Next time while any email comes from, to or CC to RP-ML will
go to your RPML Mail Box.

This method can also be used for other mail list.

Note: most of the RP-ML e-mail do not send FROM RP-ML, but
TO RP-ML and CC RP-ML, that's why Jason's mail filter(FROM)
doesn't work. Use MoveTo other than CopyTo(Folder).
Hope it works.


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Subject: Finding RP-ML Mail (fwd)

>That email there needs a little push... There, that should do it.
>Yours truly
>Hannu Kaikonen <>
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>I tried to send this message a few days a go and didn't see it come back
>as a post from the rp-ml, so, here it is again....
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>I subscribe to three mailing lists, which you can appreciate generate huge
>amounts of mail in my inbox...
>Would it be possible for the rp-ml list to do what the mini-disc mailing
>list does, that being appending the simple prefix to the subject line??
>If all mail via the list had RPML as the prefixed subject line, then
>pegasus<spit> would make a better go of filtering mail from this list to a
>folder of it's own. I've tried filtering on the from field and copies to
>and this doesn't catch everything :(
>Anyone else have opinions on this idea??
>Yakov..... I haven't forgotten about the keltool photo's, the film is at
>the processors now and should hope to get some jpeg to you by the
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