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Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 19:38:59 EET

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Subject: Spliting parts in FDM
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  What do you mean by "split a part"? At what file stage (i.e. .stl, .ssl
or .sml) do you want to delimit the geometry? Here's a few things that come

1.) Remove the unwanted geometry in original CAD software (if that's where
the .stl file is from) by cutting it away. Then recreate the STL file.

2.) Use a third party STL viewer/manipulator to delimit the STL file (if
the file didn't come from CAD software or you don't have access).

3.) Use the "Orient STL" functionality in QuickSlice to rotate the STL file
and create slices at whatever Z stages you need. If the new road layer
orientation is acceptable in your application.

4.) Edit your curve sets in QuickSlice to delete the unwanted area(s) and
complete the curve loops by "drawing" new connecting curves. This could be
tedious if your geometry is complex but can be made easier by copying
curves in Z (if applicable).

 I'm sure there are a multitude of other methods as well. Can you give more
specific information on your needs (i.e. STL file cannot be reoriented due
to Z layer requirements, you already have a SSL or SML file ready to go and
prefer to work with these, etc.)?

Hope This Helps,

Dustin Neifer
Amway Corp.
Hometech R&D
Water Treatment Group
Ada, MI, USA

* Please, no solicitations! *

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Subject: Spliting parts in FDM
Author: "Tushar R. Mahale" <> at AMWAY
Date: 3/17/98 11:17 AM

     Using Quickslice 5.0 (FDM) is it possible to split a part at any other
axis (X, Y) other than the Z axis?

With Regards

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