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Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 15:24:08 EET

Alexandre L. PAPADATOS wrote:
> Dear list,
> Our 50W co2 laser (made by SYNRAD) only outputs 6-7 Watts right now. We
> believe it needs a recharge badly.
> Does anybody have an idea where we could get a "cheap" recharge (<$1000) ?
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> Alexandre L. PAPADATOS
> Research Assistant in Mechanical Engineering
> ASME member
You did not mention the application, but the power and manufacturer
suggests that this is a laser used on the Helisys 2030 LOM systems. The
older lasers had an expected life of 20,000 hours and the newer lasers
have an expected life of up to 50,000 hours. This laser has two gas
tubes and the beams are converged inside the laser for the final output.
Before sending it in, remove the cover on the output end and inside are
the converging mirrors. Clean these very well. Also, there is a half
mirror mounted on the cover for the HeNe spotting laser. The inside of
this optic can get very dirty. Use a cotton swab to clean this. If these
actions don't work, then you can return the laser to Synrad. Most lasers
that expire early are the result of the electronics inside failing. I
had mine circuit board replaced for around $500. If you need the tubes
recharged, Synrad charges about $1,000 for this, plus $500 to replace
the electronics. This laser should now have the longer life of the newer
ones. My laser was returned around in about a week.

Ross Gates
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