This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- March 1998

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Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 21:33:03 EET

This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- March 1998

**Why not use stereolithography as a manufacturing process? -- Pure Fluid
Magic, of Santa Clara, California demonstrates that stereolithography is
ideal for manufacturing high-density electronic test clips. Using a Liconix
small-spot laser, PFM makes parts with as many as 400 features, none larger
than 0.006 inches across.

**Direct-metal fabrication -- Optomec Design Company of Albuquerque, New
Mexico, has installed the world's first commercial direct-metal rapid
prototyping system. Based on Sandia's laser-engineered net shaping (LENS),
Optomec's machine costs $350,000.

**After-market upgrades -- Liconix offers a solid-state laser upgrade for
3D Systems's SLA-500s.

**Materials news
          3D announces specialty resin for high-heat/high-humidity
          EOS introduces new polystyrene powder

**Materials research -- Uniform Metal Technologies announces enterprise to
manufacture uniform spherical metal powders for rapid prototyping

**1997 rapid prototyping unit sales -- Terry Wohlers's new report: Rapid
Prototyping and Tooling State of the Industry 1998 Worldwide Progress

**Announcements and calls for papers
          Georgia Tech Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Symposium
          Time Compression Technologies European Conference
          17th International Congress on Applications of Lasers and
Electro-Optics (ICALEO '98)

**Business news -- record revenues with disappointing earnings
          3D Systems's year-end financials
          DTM's year-end financials
          Stratasys's year-end financials

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