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Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 08:52:50 EET

Hello RP'ers,

it's not always necessary to create a skin or a volume within CATIA. It
makes it easier to generate the STL-file, that's true, but in version
4.1.8 there is an automatic closing algorithm, which can solve most of
the minor problems. Of course, if there is a real gap in the CAD design,
this tool also doesn't help.

We also found out, that most of the STL-files created are really small,
when you use a sag of 0.03 mm, which is normally good enough for the

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Daniel Corcoran wrote:
>Hello people,
>I have extensive experience with STL generation from CATIA. When ever I
>received an STL file from CATIA the file was always small and easy to
>process. Most of the files we generate from CATIA can be emailed. I think
>you will find that the resolution chosen for your parts is way to high to be
>producing such large files. Try a SAG value of 0.03 and "MAX size of
>Triangles" of 200 (this will depend on the part). Solids and volumes convert
>extremely well. To convert a surface model it would be better to join all the
>faces together into a skin first. This eliminates the problems of reversed
>normals and gaps.

>I hope this can help?

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