RE: Hydroxyapatite or B-TCP SLS

From: Murphy, Matt (
Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 17:02:00 EET

I am just setting up an EC Craft (900k ECU over 2 ye\HڙX][BH\HوH[HX[Vf7GW&Rb&7FW6W2vF&W2WF¥Q́́ѕѼɽ٥䁙ȁѡ plasma
sprayed HA or PMMA cement.

DTM are involvY\\HH\وUH\[Y\˃BBY[H[ZRF&RffVBW"v&FVV6R6F7BRР)$ٔЁЁͥɕѡ͔!ݑȁ́ild material for use
with SLS, but any information yH]H[Hܘ]Y[HXZ]Y BBX]BB4(4)ȁ5Ё54)Aactice Leader - Rapid Manufacturing
Pera Group, Notti[HY Y[ۈ[؜^KBZX\\\KLL TРХFVâCBccBSSФfCBccBSS4)耀}Ʌɽ4(******************************************************BB KKKKKKKKKCBN\W&RW&0ХF'Х7V&V7CG&FFR""D51L4)є5ɍ4(4)%́ѡɔͥ to use hydroxyapatite or B-TCP with a SLS method
forYYX[\X][ۈBBBРТ)ɥ ɧɔ4)1Ʌѽɔ7Քץd'Analyse de Fiabilit
Dpartement de Gnie McaniqueQTBL MH]\[CB]\[B\X˘\Y\P\ 6ХFVC#c23s@ФfC#c23RТ**************


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