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Hi Jan,

We have not done any specific cleaning studies with SL5190, but we have done
extensive work with the DuPont Somos(R) stereolithography resins. The results
of these studies will be published in Prototyping Technology International's
1998 Annual Review, where we report cleaning times and effectiveness for five
solvents. We highly recommend propylene carbonate as an alternative for TPM.
You could then rinse the propylene carbonate off with water if you wish to avoid
isopropyl alcohol. Based on a break out session at the 3DSNASUG conference, I
believe 3D Systems might be interested in examining propylene carbonate as an
alternative. Personally, I do not believe there should be a problem using
propylene carbonate with other resins, but since we have not done the study, I
would not want to make a definitive statement.

If you have further questions about this information, please contact me.

Michelle P. Wyatt
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