Reverse Engineering Seminar

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Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 00:18:53 EET

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Reverse Engineering and Inspection

                                          Somerset Inn
                                        Troy (Detroit), MI
                                         April 1-2, 1998

                              Sponsored by Society of Manufacturing

                   A two day educational clinic


                   The purpose of this new event is to discuss the many
methods of capturing data,
                   the applications that best fit each technology, and
how best to use data once
                   collected. Experts in many areas will show you how to
go from the point of
                   generation to manufacturability. To maintain a
competitive place in today's
                   manufacturing environment, companies must be quicker,
more flexible, and cost
                   sensitive. Presentations will demonstrate:

                        Different needs
                        Different technologies
                        Choosing between In-House or using a Service
                        Converting data into a format acceptable to your
CAD software

                   You Should Attend!

                        If you have an old product and no CAD exists and
you need to make design
                        changes, or you just need a new die, you need to
learn what reverse
                        engineering options fit your application.
                        If you want to really check out your
competition, find out how other
                        companies are using scanning to create FEA
models of competitive parts.
                        If you are a rapid prototyper, learn how rapid
tooling can be done from
                        reverse extraction and how fast your development
cycle can be!

                   Benefits of Attending:

                        Learn to distinguish between the many different
kinds of digitizing
                             MRI/CT Scan
                             Laser Digitizing
                             Touch Probe/CMM
                             Cut & Grind
                             Official Scanning
                             Laser Trackers
                        Gain an understanding of the strengths and
limitations of each technology
                        Hear latest updates of the new technology
                        Learn how to apply reverse engineering to your
already existing process
                        needs like:
                             Rapid Prototyping
                             Flaw Analysis
                             Finite Element Analysis
                             Tool Verification
                             Competitive Comparisons
                        Benefit from networking opportunities with
professionals in your area of

                   Program at a Glance:

                        From Points to Product - A Breakdown of
Digitizing Technologies and Their
                        Reverse Engineering 101
                        Reverse Engineering Applications for Rapid
                        Computer Aided Verification of Aircraft Fuel
System Components
                        Solving Real-World Problems: An Overview for
Challenges in the
                        Automotive Industry
                        Reverse Engineering for Product Development
                        Case Study: Reverse Engineering of
                        Turning Scan Data Into Functional CAD Data
                        Reverse Engineering Large Complex Castings From
Part to Tooling
                        Reverse Engineering Using X-ray Scanning
                        Wrapping 3D Scanning Data
                        Usage of CT and MRI Data In the Inplant Industry

                        First Article Part and Tooling Verification in
an Automated Inspection
                        Optical Laser Scanning in Reverse Engineering
and Inspection
                        Engineering Applications of High-Energy Computed
Tomography (CT)
                        Casting Examination and Reverse Engineering
through Computed

                   For more information contact Customer Service at
1-800-733-4763 (outside the US
                   call 1-313-271-1500 extension 629), fax
1-313-271-2861 or email

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