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From: markschanze (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 05:22:11 EET

Thanks for the info. I have developed a rapid tooling process for CIVCO
Med. a lot like the Albright method. We use aluminum mold bases cut to net
shape and fill up against the SLA pattern with composite epoxy. Our trick
is that we coat the SLA master with a "special sauce" that creates a
permanent release mechanism on the SLA. We can then pour any grade epoxy
against the master without affecting surface finish (even polished
surfaces) and without any other release mechanism. We then coat the epoxy
mold with the same "special sauce" to give excellent release to the
injected part. The "special sauce" increases the service temperature of
the mold to 300 degrees C! We can also treat direct aim tools this way
making that system actually work. I have always wanted to load a high
durometer silicone with silica carbide to attempt what Albright does. Wow,
maybe I will try it now. The "special sauce" is currently under
investigation by our company for pattentability. Otherwise I would tell
you what it is. Bucks and Lawyers you know! I've also got a cool way to
run 200 parts an hour from an epoxy tool. I'll call you some day soon.
Thanks again.
Mark Schanze
Molding Technology Manager
CIVCO Medical Instruments

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