Re: Rebuilding uncle's jaw.

From: C.McArdle (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 17:56:56 EET

I just composed an email to Dr. Schmidt at an email address that I got from
the archive Yakov sent of the thread regarding the skull project for the
boy about a year ago. Hopefully he has retained that email in retirement.

>>From: "C.McArdle" <>
>>My uncle has been diagnosed with cancer in his gums and part of his jaw on
>>one side is going to have to be removed, leaving a thin section of jawbone
>>remaining. I recall awhile back discussion regarding medical applications,
>>but I can't recall who and what.
>The best contact is Dr. Stephen Schmidt out of San Antonio, Texas. I do not
>have his address or phone number but I think he retired from the AF and is
>still in that area. He is well know for his work using RP in the dental and
>medical reconstruction of facial bones involving teeth and such. Does
>anyone have his contact information? Are you listening Stephen?
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