Re: Rebuilding uncle's jaw.

Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 18:50:19 EET

     You can reach Dr. Stephen Schmitt at:
     Tel Med Technologies
     Tel: (210)493-1234

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Subject: Rebuilding uncle's jaw.
Author: Elaine Hunt <> at Internet
Date: 3/26/98 7:36 AM

>From: "C.McArdle" <>
>My uncle has been diagnosed with cancer in his gums and part of his jaw on
>one side is going to have to be removed, leaving a thin section of jawbone
>remaining. I recall awhile back discussion regarding medical applications,
>but I can't recall who and what.
The best contact is Dr. Stephen Schmidt out of San Antonio, Texas. I do not
have his address or phone number but I think he retired from the AF and is
still in that area. He is well know for his work using RP in the dental and
medical reconstruction of facial bones involving teeth and such. Does
anyone have his contact information? Are you listening Stephen?
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