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From: markschanze (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 06:27:11 EET

No I don't get a cut, like you do! Yes Dow has a clear silicone. But
Shin-Etsu, Shin-Etsu, Shin-Etsu, is clearer, cheaper and works as well as
Dow T Series. Hey buddy, I was around with Dow when Joan Donatelly (sorry
for the spelling) developed the material. Where were you? Selling
material like you do now I suppose. You shouldn't be on this list. I use
the best material at the best price. What do you use? Dow Dow Dow! And
why? Because you make a living selling the stuff. I make a living making
molds. And by the way when the guy contacted me, I recommended Dow E, so
stick that in your mold and cure it. I apologize to the RPML but this kind
of pissed me off. If I am not supposed to give trade names out let me
know. Derik stay out of this, sorry but you're too biased, service and
availability are also very important and I know you do a good job at it, so
lay off!

Mark Schanze
Molding Technology Manager
CIVCO Medical Instruments

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