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Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 17:17:33 EET


Yup, me again. This time with a question for the 3D systems laser
(Liconix, Omnichrome, 3D,etc) experts.

1) What's the average power from the Ar+ laser? (Users data is more
important than vendors, due to "actual" versus "advertised").

2) What's the average power from the solid state Nd-YVO4 laser?

3) For the ss laser, I know the maximum power possible is higher than what
is useable in the SLA systems. What determines or limits this maximum
useable power? Is it the max drawing speed of the galvanometers (mirrors
that aim the beam)? Is it the resin (same question, acutally)?

-curious aside: 3D's web site says their solid state laser delivers 216mW
at the vat after 5000 hours, yet Liconix's web site states their
"Prototyper DPSS-UV" laser has 1000mW average power (at 30 kHz). Is the 3D
laser set at higher pumping frequency (which will reduce power)? What

4) For the ss laser, how does repetition rate (it draws dots instead of
lines like the continuous wave lasers He-Cd and Ar+) affect the build
styles? What new constraints are placed on part building and build style
due to the way the laser operates (pumped versus continuous).

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