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From: Bruce Okkema (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 17:19:45 EET

This firm does a fine job with plating our SLA parts:

Al Bacon
Associated Electroplaters
1490 E. 9 Mile Rd.
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Ph: 248-547-5520

Bruce Okkema
Eagle Design & Technology, Inc. Ph: 616-748-1022
2437 84th Ave Fx: 616-748-1032
Zeeland, MI 49464 E-mail:
USA Web:

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I've got to coat my SLA parts and I'd like them to be metallized. Does
anyone know of a vendor who metallizes or "plates" SLA-built parts
(preferrably in the Detroit area)?

Also for you SLA-Mold makers: Does anyone have a nice coating to apply to
SLA parts which gives a nice surface which would be chemically resistant
(i.e. solvents) and has good release properties?

Thanks in advance,

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Materials Science and Engineering - The University of Michigan
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