Re: Sanders MM2

Date: Sat Mar 28 1998 - 02:50:02 EET

In reply to your request ,we are currently using 3 ModelMakers:
 2 MM6pro's and also an MM2.
Since we operate as a service bureau reliability is important.
When we first received our MM2 we experienced some problems with the
jet, it seemed to be lagging behind the build jet (material output).
This problem was fixed once we changed a parameter in an INI file that
regulates the amount of time the support pump stayed on.

Other problems that we have experienced are because we didn't follow
recommend procedures for maintenance and the like.
The service department at Sanders has helped us gain insight into the do's
and don'ts of running the ModelMaker.
I have talked to some other users who have had some difficulties, but once
they started following the recommended procedures the machines ran as they
were intended to.

Jim Klohr
Sigma TCT
2700 Newport Blvd Suite 164
Newport Beach,Cal 92661

> From: Karl Denton <>
> To: 'RP Mailing List' <>
> Subject: Sanders MM2
> Date: Sunday, March 22, 1998 8:26 AM
> Hello all,
> I would like to hear form those of your that have Sanders Model Maker
> 2's (MM2).
> Specifically I'd like to know what trouble (if any) you are having in
> keeping the machines running.
> Thanks in advance
> Karl
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