Fw: FDM 1600 for sale

From: Jesper Damvig (jesper@damvig.com)
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 16:02:20 EEST

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From: Jesper Damvig <jesper@damvig.com>
To: rp-ml <rm-ml@ltk.hut.fi>
Date: 29. marts 1998 14:23
Subject: FDM 1600 for sale

"The very best offer of the day"
We have a FDM 1600 for sale.
The machine comes with a ABS and a NYLON head.
The machine is in a very good condition, last year it was totally rebuild
at Protech in sweden (all movabel parts was renued) eg. xy-board - leedscrews,
controler, fanīs ect.
The machine can be wieved on www.damvig.com under rapidprototyping,
or here in Denmark at our facilities.
The machine will be shipped in itīs original box.
This offer is only to a company that is already using a FDM
(Because of software license "itīs the best deal").
Other companys has to bay the "QS software" at a reseller.
Call for the price (Goes to the higest bidder this week).
Att.: Jesper Damvig
Kuldyssen 6
2630 Taastrup
Tel. +45 43993736
Fax. +45 43993388

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