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Doug Mitchell wrote:
> wayne l foss wrote:
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> > Have you ever tried to explain rapid prototyping concepts to a
> > electrical engineer?
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> Excuse me? I take offense at this remark. I am an EE, and have
> been around RP since 1987. I never had any problem having it
> explained to me. In fact, I was involved in making some of the
> original presentations to management here at Ford.
> I expect an apology by return post, as well as an apology sent
> to the mailing list. Otherwise my lawyers will be calling upon
> you to file suit for defamation of characters.
> --
> Doug Mitchell
> Ford Motor Company
> PS, note the _characters_ in the last line. Tongue firmly in
> cheek, although I will thank you not to knock EEs any more.
> Doug



I sincerely apologize to you and all others that I may have offended.
That was not my intention. Some of my good friends are EE's.

However, I do speak from MY experience at THIS LOCATION and it is
somewhat a source of frustration. Notice that you work at a highly
mechanically oriented company. I work at the direct opposite and am
willing to bet that some of your frustrations mirror mine.

Some of our EEs here are VERY specialized and the work that they do I
will never understand. I have been asked to model a wave guide that had
to have a tolerance of +/- .0001 on my Stratasys system. I was also
asked to make a test fixture for a chip that was about .050 square. But,
they did not know the limits of my machine. The EE's that I encounter
here are always willing to learn about RP when they get a chance. I can
see where a laser based system would be very interesting for a EE and
agree that a EE should be involved with that setup.

My real frustration is at the management level. Most of our upper level
managers, because of our products, are EEs and have been out of the lab
to long. They seem to have lost touch in what it takes to develop a
product and the benefits of RP. Any mechanical device is difficult to
justify with them. I have just gone through a round of justification of
an upgrade to our facilities and lost, again. When I wrote that remark,
I didn't think about it being biting, but I guess my frustration came
through. However, I am happy that someone listens to me.


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