Cibatool Durable Resin

Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 12:31:36 EEST

     Dear All,
     As one of the few remaining users of Cibatool SL-5149 Acrylate resins
     I welcome any developments in the area of Durable or flexible resins.
     I am presently stuck in the realm of high shrink/curl part building
     problems due to the fact that 75% of the parts that we build must be
     testable in either water or Stoddard solvent. This testing requires a
     resin that can withstand repeated hydrostatic shocks and pressures of
     0-150psi for hours at a time.
     I have worked with an SLA-250 since 1990, and the only question that I
     have for Ciba and 3D is: What about a resin for the HeCad Laser?
     You know how many SLA-250 machines are out there, and you have all but
     abandoned them in laser, software, and resin development.
     A $350,000 investment to replace a perfectly good SLA-250 with a
     SLA-350 just so I can use the "new" resin is insane. These are machine
     tools not computers, and like every machine tool I have ever worked
     with they should be upgradable.
     I spent about $40,000 upgrading my SLA-250 up to a model 50 with the
     Zephyr recoater last April. As I build mostly parts with trapped
     volumes, this has more than paid for itself in reduced downtime due to
     blade crashes.
     I need a resin that can give me properties that meet my specific
     requirements but I don't want to end up like so many of the current
     epoxy resin users, who are now allergic to them. A resin that is
     non-toxic, can be cleaned up in soapy water, and dosn't require
     special waste disposal would be the best solution. I don't want much.
     Larry Blasch
     CAE Systems Administrator
     OPW Fueling Components
     P.O. Box 405003
     CinCinnati, OH 45240-5003 USA
     Voice: (513) 870-3356
     Fax: (513) 870-3338
     Disclaimer...The views expressed are personal opinion and not those of
     OPW Fueling Components.

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