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From: Alexandre L. PAPADATOS (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 22:29:37 EEST

Dear rpml-list,

A while ago ,I posted a message asking advice for our laser problem. We use
a Synrad 50W co2 laser and it only outputs 5-6 Watts as a maximum output.
We do SLS.

Before removing and sending the laser for service, I did a last test. I
measured the output directly out of the laser, before the beam gets
reflected from mirrors or passes through lenses. At maximum setting, the
output is even better of what we should expect (~55W).

So I guess nothing's wrong with the laser itself. But nobody has messed up
with the lenses and I guarantee they are clean. From further testing, it
seems the beam losses its power after hitting the two mirrors on the galvos.

Anybody had a similar experience before ?

thank you in advance
Alexandre L. PAPADATOS
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