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Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 23:39:04 EEST


Sorry I wasn't here yesterday to respnd more quickly to your message. I
see today you have taken some heat for it.

In fact, in the literature and in reality, the EEs have been using the
term rapid prototyping far longer than the stereolithography/desktop
manufacturing folks. And the use was not only because they were into layering of
materials, but the entire notion of creating a working prototype and
testing it quickly, before investing millions or billions on production. Also,
although I don't like to admit my ignorance, I wouldn't be surprised is
the original photosensitve polymers were borrowed from the electronics
packaging industry and reformulated. Perhaps someone at Ciby or Du Pont or DSM
can confirm that. In anycase, I don't think we need to rehash the several
historical conversations we have had on RPML about how this RP came to be
named RP when EEs and others were already using RP and what is RP anyway.

Therefore, I'm not sure if you are having difficulty explaining rapid
prototyping to some EEs so much as trying to overcome one definition with
another. I suggest you try understanding it from the EE point of view.

good luck,
Brock Hinzmann

wayne l foss wrote:
>Brock Hinzmann wrote:
>> Justin,
>> Everyone is different. Consumers are different. They are not all
>> engineers (and engineers aren't all alike, either). We all think
>> differently and approach life differently.
>Have you ever tried to explain rapid prototyping concepts to a
>electrical engineer?
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