From: Jim Paravantes (Jim@Trident-Systems.com)
Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 02:46:25 EEST

Hello all,

To help promote and expand the knowledge of the RPML list members
Trident Systems Group has put together a RPChat area that the list
users can use at anytime. This RPchat area was created for those
occasions when an interactive dialog is required.

 Each week a topic will be selected by the list and a expert will
chair that discussion in the RP chat area. This initial discussion
will take place on Thursday April 2nd at 8:00pm Central time. I took
the liberty to select the topic for this discussion (Epoxy Tooling).

The next discussions should be selected by the members of the list.
This site will only be assessable from the link that I will provide to
you. The site will not be linked from the Trident Systems Group page
or submitted to the search engines, and please do not link this page
to your site. In event that abuse does occur, I will password
protect this area and publish the password in the RPML, once again
this site is for the express use of the RPML members.

* No Selling
* No Promotion

Just good information.

NOTE: The RPchat area is limited to 25 visitors at a time.

So let's hear some suggestions on topics for your interactive



Jim Paravantes

Trident Systems Group, Inc.
45737 Henley Dr. Canton, MI. 48187
Voice: 734-844-9033
Fax: 734-844-2652
Actua 2100, Camattini ProroMix
E-Mail jim@Trident-systems.com

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://ltk.hut.fi/rp-ml/

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