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From: Brad Fox (
Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 19:12:35 EEST

Is this the first rp-ml April fools joke? Elaine, are you serious?

First of all, much of the RP technology IS proven (do we need to debate
this?) Second of all, I don't see RP&M "loosing steam." Lastly, any employee
of mine that DOES NOT take calculated risks for innovation will not last
long. I believe there are plenty of companies ready to hire any risk-taker
who can demonstrate a well thought out strategy involving new technology.

Maybe it's because I am "technologically challenged," but I don't understand
the next to last sentence. Technologies such as 3M KelTool (now 3D KelTool)
and IBM Genisys (now Stratasys) are available in the marketplace - I 'see'
them everyday.

Could you explain you statement?

Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

>Elaine wrote:
>Since the only change one can achieve is within one's self then
>technology's usefulness becomes a personal risk decision.
>Maybe the reason RP&M seems to be losing steam is due to the fact that one
>can achieve personal productivity through traditional methods with fewer
>Also with industrial cutbacks in both research and employees, why should
>the individual employee risk productivity in order to change something they
>have little influence upon. Taking a chance on an unproven technology does
>not seem to be apart of the industrial culture anymore. If it were then we
>would see the TI Protojet, the Dupont Solid Imager, and the 3M KelTool
>along with the IBM Genisys.
>It seems to be easier to pass the buck than take the risk.
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