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Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 21:07:34 EEST

>Is this the first rp-ml April fools joke? Elaine, are you serious?

What me joke about something? How could you think I would do such a thing
and on the RP-ML list of ALL places.

>First of all, much of the RP technology IS proven (do we need to debate

Some applications are great...others are proving to be false. Still got a
long way to go and greater improvements may come from even newer risker

>Second of all, I don't see RP&M "loosing steam."

I found it interesting that at the NASUG meeting when the audience was
asked if they planned a new purchase.....I saw NO hands. I assumed it
included all RP systems rather than just a SLA. The same question at the
SME meeting might produce the same results. Now when I see the audience
reflect about 50% saying yes then BUY RP STOCKS. Until then HOLD what you

>Lastly, any employee
>of mine that DOES NOT take calculated risks will not last long

Who does the or them? You already stated you punish
rather than reward. That proves what I said about employment and risk
taking is true, you take the ones that give you the most security.

>Technologies such as 3M KelTool (now 3D KelTool)
>and IBM Genisys (now Stratasys) are available in the marketplace - I 'see'
>them everyday. Could you explain you statement?

Yes I will...... Wayne Duscher, 3D, Aaroflex and Stratasys took risks that
Dupont, 3M, and IBM thought unwise. And I'll bet that in those companies
there were people that felt strongly about keeping those products in-house
and making them work. They also may not work for those companies any
longer either.

As someone who sales RP systems (Actua) and services, I expect you to
disagree with me.....I was willing to challenge your thinking and I TOOK

Got ya,

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