Re: cheap stl viewer

From: Jerry E Martin (
Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 22:52:10 EEST

> I am looking for the cheapest possible tool that will be able to:
> visualize points and polygons (500.000)
> -cut sections
> -maybe handle some colour functions height dependent (does not have to)
> -polyginises
> -stl and ascii I/O

I recently downloaded 3D View by Actify. It supports STL very well. I
also use it for viewing iges files. I paid $75, but don't let the
price mislead you. You get a lot for the money. Their cut section
capabilities are fairly powerful. It only runs on windows. You can
download a trail copy from their web site. Try Actify's home page:

Hope it helps...

Jerry Martin

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