if things are so great then

From: Elaine Hunt (elaine.hunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 16:55:26 EEST

        Why are you up in front of audiences talking about the great things you
are doing? Why is it people cry how great things are but when you look
around you can't find people who are willing to take the risk, get up and
say what's happening. All I hear are the doom sayers and maybe that
reflects on who is speaking the loudest or the longest. Did you think I
would let you sit on the sidelines and NOT say something? BTW....you can't
plead no conference time since AUTOFACT, AUSTIN, NOTTINGHAM, etc are still
coming up. I will be watching the papers.

I KNOW what is going on in the industry and I know it's positive but I
DON"T hear it except in small groups or in one on one discussions.

I know where I want the industry to go..... to that push button machine
that sits in every student lab for every student that needs to be able to
print a 3d model.

No Brad......schools can't afford the 60k price tag of an Actua or Z-Corp
machine because we need multiple machines to support a large number of
students. I'll give you two years to get that price down to under 20k or
until Ennex, Autofab, Epson, or someone else gets an affordable 3d printer
in the market.

Taking risks is natural to the human being...otherwise we would all be
At least I struck at few nerves and got this group thinking about the
future rather than attacking each other........ I'm used to arrows by now.
One day I'll retire and pull all of them out of my back. Until then I'll
keep grumping and dreaming.....


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