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Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 19:00:10 EEST

We have had a JP5 for a couple of years. It is used sporadically in
the undergraduate design courses both in engineering and in
industrial design. The largest problem is the learning curve in
stacking the slices accurately. Everyone's first trial is not very
good, but the subsequent models can be quite good. The students like
it because the sheets can be quickly produced and then they can
take their time in building the model. I suggest you email

for more information. You can check our website at

We are a 5-college consortium including Engineering, Business,
Architecture, Fine Arts and Liberal Arts and Sciences. Because
of that we get a wide range of uses of the equipment.


At 11:13 AM 4/2/98 +0800, Ian Gibson wrote:
>Can anyone tell me a little more about the JP5 machine? I particularly want
>to know how much it costs. The web page for Armdroid is singularly
>unforthcoming on that point.
>Has anyone out there bought one? What do you think of it? Could it be a
>useful aid to teaching design, art and craft type subjects?
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