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From: Larry Dosser (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 00:45:56 EEST

 As a recent subscriber to the RPML I would like to indroduce myself and
the technologies my company, the Mound Laser and Photonics Center (MLPC),
is pursuing that are applicable to the subscribers. We are a company that
is well versed in lasers, laser-materials interaction, laser materials
processing, and photonics applications and we recently became a division of
the Inifite Group, Inc. of Warwick, Rhode Island. Other divisions of the
Infinite Group, Inc. are Laser Fare and Expresstool.

I was most interested to see the communications on coating of SLA parts in
recent communications. One of our current emphasis areas, pulsed laser
deposition (PLD), has been used to grow a thin film coating on different
types of components including SLA parts. PLD is a thin film deposition
technique that grows a film on the order of 1 micron thick which represents
essentially no dimensional change on most parts.

A PLD coating can be almost any material of choice. Currently we are
laying down Ni-200 on SLA parts and other components. We have also put
down grpahite. One of the advantages to the PLD technique is the apparent
increased adhesion of the coating to the substrate. Our current chamber is
limited to parts approximately 3" in diameter, but a larger chamber (24" in
diameter) will be on line in approximately 2 months.

The MLPC is located in Miamisburg, Ohio on the site of Mound Laboratory
which was part of the DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex. Our business, and other
technology oriented businesses on this site, represent the first DOE
facility of this type to be successfully converted from defense to
commercial use. As a result of this commercialization effort, our business
is supported by other businesses such as metallography, surface science,
nondestructive testing, electronics, systems integration, materials
development, and machining. The synergistic interaction of these companies
on the Mound site, born from decades of working together as a defense
facility, represents a diverse resource to address many RP questions
expressed in the RPML and other manufacturing needs as well.

I look forward to continued information exchange on the RPML.

Larry R. Dosser
Mound Laser and Photonics Center
(937) 865-4481 voice
(937) 865-3680 fax e-mail

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