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From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 03:56:29 EEST

Dear Pedro:

We have a range of polyurethane resins available which may satisfy your
requirements. The following table describes the properties of the two
products for your application. Both products are available in de-aired,
vacuum sealed cartridges (400ml) for pneumatic injection, or in 1 kg.
containers for hand mixing and vacuum casting.

Product Name: PC132HVS/G31VS PC55VS/G155VS
Hardness: Shore D 83-85 Shore A 54-56
De-molding Time: 20-30 min. (at 60C) 3-4 hours (at 60C)
Max. operating temp: 200F 180F
Tensile strength: 60 MN/m2 (8,500 psi) 3.5 MN/m2 (500 psi)
Elongation at break: 5-7 % 250-300 %

Since you are in Europe, you may contact our factory in Italy as

Strada Antolini, 1
43044 Collecchio (Parma), Italy
tel: +39-521-304711, fax: +39-521-804410

Best regards,
Michael Tsenter
CAMATTINI - North America
a division of NEST Technologies
3849 Ridgemoor Drive
Studio City, California 91604

Tel: 818-761-6500
Fax: 818-761-6116
web site:
Pedro Garayo wrote:
> Hello, rpmlers.
> It's always a pleasure for me to post questions in this list, because
> I'm answered so fast!!
> Besides looking after their own businesses, people in this list really
> seem to care about the rest of us and the direction this RPD stuff is
> heading.
> My question is about vacuum casting of polyurethanes. At my business we
> built a year ago a medium sized vacuum machine for casting of PUR based
> prototypes. We used to make models and parts just for ourselves. Now we
> are trying to get into market. One of my clients wants to make PUR
> prototypes for two parts (50 prototypes per part): one has to be made in
> a rigid resin with high mechanical behaviour (it has to withstand some
> displacements in elastic mode) and the second must be made of an
> elastomer like resin (with 40 shore A or so). Both prototypes are to be
> mounted in a bigger mechanism and they must more or less work. Which are
> the best resins for these applications?? regarding the vacuum process,
> are there any specific characteristics to be taking into account??
> To build my first model I will be using either SLA or SLS.


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