RE: Packing algorithm for RP

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 21:17:49 EEST

Also Congrats!!

As Mike implied, this will benefit the SLS guys quite a bit. Now maybe
add one more manipulation to your algorithm....Allow us to "plug in " a
rotational value for the entire package in case we have a "hot-spot" in
our build envelope.


> Congratulations Dr. Ikonen,
> I only took a quick look at your part packer paper but the idea has
> obvious benefits to the rp community. I think the time spent
> orienting
> parts for a build goes up by the square of the number of parts. This
> is
> not much of a problem on the SLA's since parts are really layed out in
> a
> 2-D pattern but on the DTM's and similar machines one could spend
> hours
> filling a build. One concern I have though is individual part
> orientation. This is quite critical to part quality, especially in
> the
> DTM's. Keep us all posted!
> Michael W Miller (

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