STL's for aircraft - Jeff Kunkle

From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (
Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 - 05:16:47 EEST


I just got your e-mail, give me a couple of days to see what I can get, the
Cessna 402, 185, and Caravan are older models that were designed and
produced in the old drawing board days and hence we have little or no CAD
anywhere on these models (except some of the Caravan is in CADAM). I might
be able to get the Caravan for you, I'll have to see how much time and
effort is required to get a 3D model of it and we're very busy right now
with new designs. I probably could more easily get you an STL of a 172,
182 or 206 model if these would suffice and if management OK's it. Let me

Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft

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