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From: Shreyas J Bakshi (
Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 - 13:16:25 EEST

Hi folks,

RPML had an interesting discussion on the subject of "Technology

Can we summarise it by changing the last character of the topic i.e. "d"
with "s" ?

I mean, let us all look forward to tackling the Technology Challenge"s"
ahead of us and take the technology from adolosence to its youth with a

During a presentation at a local seminar, I had listed a few of the
challenges ahead of all involved in RP as under :

R/P Equipment Manufacturers : Speed, Accuracy, Finish, Materials
Tooling Material Vendors (Epoxy, Rubber) : Sustain Production conditions
for longer runs
Prototype Material Vendors (PU etc.) : Match variety of production
material properties
Machine Tool Manufacturers : Speed, Flexibility. (Considering High Speed
Machining as an alternative to RP)
Service Bureaus : Wider Range of Services
Customers : Innovate, Experiment, Invest in Design/R&D
Common for all : Take CALCULATED RISKS.

I am sure you all will have many more to add....

Let's go for it !!!

With Best Regards from Shreyas J Bakshi

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