20K machines

From: Joseph DeGuglielmo (jfdegug@ibm.net)
Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 - 19:32:07 EEST

I've been watching these threads about 20k machines now for a better
part of a week. I really think they are quit amusing to be honest. While
we're asking for the near impossible why not go for the whole ball of
wax? I want a machine that knows what my customer wants before he asks
me for it. Something I can run from my pool deck while sipping on a
brewski and having a steak. Something that requires no thought, no risk,
no brains! Something that is so simple and cheap everyone has one and
they don't need me anymore! Wait that's asking too much! I still want to
be needed.

Seriously now, what we have now is what those of us who went before us
took risks on. I for one am very happy with what has happened in the
last 10 years in the RP industry and I know it will continue. The blue
sky things that were asked for years ago continue to come true today.
Its only a matter of time. If we could go back in time and revisit what
we had when the first SLA1 was introduced it might make us a little more
appreciative of what these machines can do now! Sure they are expensive
but think about all the time and money that has been poured into the
development of these pieces of machinery up till now. An awful lot of
folks sacrificed to get us to were we are today. Why should we be any
different? We need to take risks now too if we truly believe in the

As for $2 an hour machine rates..... is someone out there actually doing
that??? Give me a break! Or better yet give me their name!

By the way I've been sitting here smiling all the time I've been
writhing this, I hope no one has been offended. As stated many many
times we are all entitled to our own opinion. Right? This is simply my
humble opinion, dump it in the pot and mix it in with the rest. After a
while it gets watered down so much it means nothing anyway.
I figure this is going to rattle a few out there, so, now that I spoke
my piece/peace (however you want to look at it), I'll tell you ahead of
time I'm not going to be sucked into a month log debate. I'll just sit
back and be amused some more.


Best Regards, Joe DeGuglielmo

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