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Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 - 20:52:56 EEST

Joseph DeGuglielmo wrote:
> I've been watching these threads about 20k machines now for a better
Joseph basically wrote, "Get Real"

I can't remember which conference it was(1993), but I read a keynote
speech by Al Hastabacka in which he conceptualized the volume of
production it would take to get rp machines (one presumes he was talking
about his own) into the 15,000 $ price range. If he was talking about
his own, thats the highest precision in the industry at affordable
prices. And the numbers (can't remember exactly what they were) were not
astronomical. THis is a man with a lot of experience in printing
equipment in general and rp in particular. I tend to believe his

The real part is creating a larger market. Thats a bunch of cad savy
users. Animation, film, ....

I don't have the kind of resources that RP companies have tied up in my
rp investment. Maybe $20K is unreasonable and then again maybe its not.
If we are arguing about this, don't you imagine there are management
arguements going on in regards to the same? The value of this list is
that they read it and get useful information they can act on. Lets help
them out, lets get them to conceptualize different markets and give them
entre into those markets.

There are some who are trying to bring a 20K machine to market who must
be grinning at this conversation. Grin on, work hard, and lets see it!!
We're all eager to buy at the right price, quality, precision, and

I appreciated Joseph's opinion about the rp industry. Dreams have come
true reliably at an alarming rate. ANd to harken back to something that
Marshall Burns once said/wrote, something like "I'm tired of hearing
people complain about price, this stuff is a bargain". I for one take my
hat off to all the people who have worked so hard to make this happen,
to create an environment which makes a conversation of this type


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