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From: Mark Henderson (
Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 19:59:49 EEST

We are developing a decision support tool that will help the user
visualize in color the expected surface quality for each surface
or part of surface in a part as well as being able to dynamically
chage the view and orientation. The first version should be done
in July. If you are intrested in more info, just let me know. We
will have a paper at the Austin SFF conference (I hope) this summer.


At 07:22 PM 04/06/98 +0900, Juhoo Lee wrote:
>Dear All..
>Hi. I'm interested in Part-orientation .
>How can you determine the part-orientation?
>when criteria(accuracy, builing time, # of supports etc...) are given...
>I'm looking for data/algorithm/know-how....
>Please help me...........
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