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Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 20:21:30 EEST

        In continuation of the previous mail by Dr.Henderson, I would
like to add that we are evaluating a orientation based on the
resultant surface roughness when the part is built on a FDM machine.
We have the data for surface roughness for planar surfaces at various
orientations and it is our belief that it can be translated to
cylindrical and freeform surfaces too.
        THere are a couple of good papers around that discuss this issue.
To quote a couple - a paper (its his thesis too) by David Thompson (SFF
symposium (1996?), Determining fabrication orientations for RP with
stereolithgraphy apparatus - Po-Ting Lan, Chou, Chen, Gemmill - Compputer
Aided Design- v29.n1 Jan97.


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On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Juhoo Lee wrote:

> Dear All..
> Hi. I'm interested in Part-orientation .
> How can you determine the part-orientation?
> when criteria(accuracy, builing time, # of supports etc...) are given...
> I'm looking for data/algorithm/know-how....
> Please help me...........
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