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Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 21:12:41 EEST

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On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Ron Hollis wrote:

> For the experts of FDM, please provide some additional information to the
> following questions:
> 1) What is the typical build speed of the FDM 1650 (e.g. time/cubic
> inch,etc)
        I dont know, but I am sure its a large value.

> 2) How long does it take to train on the system?
        2 days

> 3) Could the unit be placed in a cubicle or standard office? Any negative
> effects?
WE find it is ideal for an office environment, though its not totally silent.

> 4) What is the actual accuracy of the models?
        the company qoutes +-0.005"

> 5) What is the actual minimum layer thickness?

> 6) What is the typical part cost (e.g. part cost/cubic inch, etc.)
        We are trying to find out this right now.

> 7) Can anyone operate the system efficiently (such as a system
> administrator)?
        Yes, one who has been trained on it.

 8) How long does it usually take to process files to build?
        SInce QuickSlice offers the user various parameters that can be
changed, it takes some time to process the files. Ofcouurse you can use
the default settings (which takes a couple of minutes) , but if you are more
specific about
how much of surface & part integrity you need, you would need to spend
more time on it.


> > All responses are greatly
appreciated. >
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