Re: $20 K machines

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 21:27:59 EEST

You wrote:

>Dear Preston,
>on the one hand you're right. As long as there is a potential benefit, it't
>interesting investing in these machines. But on the other hand, which small
>company or design bureau can afford a $250k system, just for the few models
>they need. These companies would benefit from a small, easy-to-use and cheap
>RP-system. And just think of the impact for the use of CAD once the downstream
>technology gets really cheap! Then it really makes sense to use CAD, even for
>smaller parts.
>Michael Buchloh
>BMW Rapid Prototyping Centre

...So a $65,000 machine running unattended, on a network, doesn't require
an operator, building at .0015 inch/layer, relatively fast, superb feature
definition, ... itn't good enough? ;)

Yes, its me..

Brad Fox
Rapid Design

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