Re: $20 K machines

Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 23:39:12 EEST

Brad Fox wrote:
> ...So a $65,000 machine running unattended, on a network, doesn't require
> an operator, building at .0015 inch/layer, relatively fast, superb feature
> definition, ... itn't good enough? ;)
> Yes, its me..
> Brad Fox
> Rapid Design

Brad, Relatively Fast?????? Is 3D letting you beta a new superspeed
Actua?? :-)) The two builds I have going for this week is a 34 hour
build and a 58 hour build. Total parts = 2. If I had this out available
to our engineers on the network, I would have one heckuva backup in the
print queue!!!!

PLEASE don't anyone send any email telling me that Zcorp is faster! I

Chad Buchanan

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