Maestro alternatives

From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 04:49:09 EEST

Dear RP-ML:

Has anybody out there found a more efficient and user-friendly substitute
for Maestro?

We are running 60-70 hour builds (platform is full of parts) and having
trouble with some of the taller supports floating away - we try to review
and modify any questionable supports but in large builds this can chew up a
lot of time given the relatively poor graphical interface of Vista and View
(we found we have to use the "Custom Draw Supports" option often to get a
true idea of the support cross sections).

In reading information on Materialise's Magics RP, they say they can
generate supports and slice to the desired format. I assume this means you
obtain a .bff file you can run on a SLA? What's the price of Magics RP?

Any other recommended part positioning/support generating/slicing RP
software out there for stereolithography and what is the price per seat?

Any help would be appreciated.

Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft

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