Re: Epoxy Tooling For Rotational Molds

Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 15:43:35 EEST

     I'm not sure why you don't just go spray metal and backfill.
     Brookfield recently worked on a rotational molding project where we
     created a six foot pattern in Stereeolithography, and then built
     traditional (and relatively fast) spray metal tooling off the pattern.
     Send me your fax number and I'll forward an article to you that was
     published on this project.
     Jay Jacobs
     Brookfield Rapid Solutions
     Hudson, NH
     (603) 577-9970
     (603) 577-9968
     Dear RP Community:
     I am looking for anyone who has experience manufacturing or running
     epoxy tooling for rotational molding.
     Julie Stout
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