Epoxy Tooling for Rotational Molding

From: bvanhiel@nordson.com
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 16:05:25 EEST

Why do you want epoxy tooling? If you have a master, then you can just
cast the permanent tooling from aluminum. Then you'll have a tool that any
rotomolder will run rather than a giant insulator that no rotomolder would
want to run through his oven (rotomolders will run your tool next to
someone elses on the arm, so having similar cycle times is important).
Tooling for rotomolding is so cheap that there is little point in
prototyping it. I am currently designing a rotomolded bin that is
20"x20"x30" and the projected permanent tooling cost is ~$15k.


Brian VanHiel
Mechanical Engineer
Nordson Corp.
Duluth, GA

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