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Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 16:13:15 EEST

I remember someone posting to this list a message some time ago that someone somewhere had a whole
website of skulls.

However, what I would do is run out and get the visible man or visible woman datasets. Run marching
cubes on the CT data to extract the skull. Then cut the isosurface model with a plane. Another
approach is to use a probe filter to sample the CT volume data across a plane that is oriented to go
between the ears and nasal cavity. This "reformat" of the data will give you a CT image as if the CT
scanner was oriented properly. My gut feeling is that only minor adjustments in plane orientation are
going to be needed.

Bill Lorensen has a complete web page on using the visible man and visible woman datasets. Take a
look at

All the necessary modelling operations (reading the data, creating isosurfaces, clipping the
geometry, or probing the volume data) can be done using the Visualization Toolkit
( a freely distributable visualization library written in C++ with Tcl, Java,
and Python bindings.

Jim Miller

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> Subject: Skulls
> Can you help?
> I am trying to get hold of an accurate scan of a human skull with at least one half in perfect
> condition?
> My end aim is to generate a number of horizontal sections through the eye socket area. I am told
> that I will NOT be
> able to generate the outlines I need from an STL file?
> Ideally I need to generate my sections in the Frankfort plane (Anthropometric reference plane which
> passes through the
> ear hole and the bottom of the eye sockets). CAT scans are generally taken at an arbitrary angle
> that is why I need the
> whole 3D file of the skull so I can orientate it how I please.
> All offers of help very gratefully received
> yours sincerely
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