RE: Epoxy Tooling for Rotational Molding

From: Julie Stout (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 18:28:38 EEST

Thank you for your response. This is true -- the automotive
manufacturers use rotational molding as a rapid prototyping method for
parts that will be blow molded. We just produced a pattern, aluminum
cast mold, then 16 HDPE fuel tanks in under 4 weeks.

Maybe I had better explain who we are and what we are looking for. We
are a manufacturer of aluminum cast and machined rotational molds: We have a number of customers who do not wish to pay the
$15,000 for five parts and are looking for a less expensive solution.
Any suggestions?

Julie Stout

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> Subject: Epoxy Tooling for Rotational Molding
> Why do you want epoxy tooling? If you have a master, then you can
> just
> cast the permanent tooling from aluminum. Then you'll have a tool
> that any
> rotomolder will run rather than a giant insulator that no rotomolder
> would
> want to run through his oven (rotomolders will run your tool next to
> someone elses on the arm, so having similar cycle times is important).
> Tooling for rotomolding is so cheap that there is little point in
> prototyping it. I am currently designing a rotomolded bin that is
> 20"x20"x30" and the projected permanent tooling cost is ~$15k.
> -Brian
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