RE: Epoxy Tooling for Rotational Molding

Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 20:29:36 EEST

How much did it cost to produce the pattern and epoxy molds? How much
cheaper was it (%-wise) than producing a cast mold? What is your typical
mold making process (for permanent and epoxy molds)?

If the epoxy tool is significantly less than the cost of a permanent tool,
then I would be extremely interested in more information. If it's more
like 75%, then I would feel more comfortable gambling that 25% difference
that I got it right the first time. I can understand the niche for such a
process: if one never indended to manufacture the part using rotomolding,
ther is no need for a permanent tool.



Brian VanHiel
Mechanical Engineer
Nordson Corp.
Duluth, GA

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