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Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 - 11:37:15 EEST

Dear rp-ml

I am in the process of setting up a new internet conference. MCB, the
publishers of the Rapid Prototyping Journal, will provide the resources to
support a conference discussing various issues relating to RP. These
resources include web page construction, web-based conferencing software,
delegate lists and conference updates by email.

For those who remember the last one held 2 years ago don't expect the same
format. This time there will be many more topics of a much more general
nature. Most people associated with RP will be able to participate in more
than one topic area. In fact I have prepared an initial list of topics that
have been discussed before on rp-ml. One aim of this conference will be to
provide a focus for discussion in specific areas and to isolate the more
general issues from the technical and advertising threads. Summaries of
each discussion area will also be made and included in a special journal
issue once the conference has ended.

The exact starting date is not defined but I am looking to start in early
summer. As before, the conference will last a number of months.

I am currently looking for convenors who will be prepared to supply short
(around 500 words) discussion papers and initiate discussion in a specified
area. Much of the importance of this conference is in the discussion rather
than the initial paper.

Proposed topics for inclusion in the Internet conference:-

1. RP and art
2. RP and architecture
3. Safety issues concerning RP equipment
4. What's in a name? Is Rapid Prototyping the best term to use?
5. RP for medical applications
6. The US$20k machine
7. Large scale prototyping
8. Is RP rapid enough?
9. Rapid tooling
10. The rapid prototyping wish list
11. Software standards for RP
12. Integration of RP with other processes
If you would be prepared to champion one of the above discussion areas then
let me know. Alternatively, if you feel strongly about a certain topic not
included above then let me know and I will modify the list.



p.s. For those of you whom I have already discussed this with, I will
contact you all individually later.

Dr. Ian Gibson
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Hong Kong
tel: (852) 28597901
fax: (852) 28585415

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