7th Euro Conf on RP & M

From: Donna Cope (Donna.Cope@nottingham.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 - 18:31:51 EEST

The time-table for the 7th European Conference on Rapid Prototyping
and Manufacturing, which is organised by the UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM
in collaboration with FRAUNHOFER IPT has now been finalised. This
event will take place on 7th - 9th July in Aachen, Germany and will
also host an exhibition.

The time-table is as follows:


09:45 - 10:30
Keynote Speech - Terry Wohlers

10:30 - 12:00
CAD Modelling

"Implementation of Octree Reinforced Hollow Rapid Prototype"
T W Lam, K M Yu, K M Cheung & C L Li

"Non-Manifold Representation for Rapid Prototyping Multi-Material Objects"
Z Wei-Ming & Y Kai-Ming

"Seed-Growing Segmentation of CT-Contours for Reverse Engineering of Industrial Parts"
S Liu & W Ma

13:30 - 15:00
Simulation and Optimisation

"Visually Simulated Surface Texture Models for 3D Printing"
H J Jee & E Sachs

"Mathematical Modelling of Geometrical Error Transformation Process in Additive Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing"
L Li, A K Kochhar & W Liu

"Advanced Machine and Process Control in Layered Manufacturing"
M A Jafari, A Safari, S Danforth & N Langrana

15:30 - 17:30
Software Support

"Decision Support Systems for the Selective Laser Sintering Process"
I Gibson, W K Cheung, Dongping Shi & K B Chiang

"An Approach for Selection and Comparative Evaluation of Conventional and Rapid Tooling Process Chains"
H Duerr & U Kaschka

"An Adaptive Slicing Method Using Both Contour Lines and Vertical Character Lines"
K H Lee & K-I Choi

"Local Adaptive Slicing"
J Tyberg & J H Bchn


08:30 - 10:30
Process Development

"Fabricating Parts by Stereolithography Using a Rotational Degree of Freedom"
J S Wrana, G M Fadel & R L Dooley

"Concept of a New Solid Freeform Fabrication Method Using A Microwelding Technique"
E L Dreizen, Y Wang & R Kovacevic

"Laser Based Rapid Prototyping By Process Combination"
J Sigel, F Dausinger, H Huegel & Z F Liu

"Milling Slanted Facets"
Y Bock & R Hovtun

11:00 - 12:30
Process Evaluation

"The Effect of Humidity of SL5180 and SL5410 Stereolithography Resin Parts"
D Wimpenny, S Windsor & G Tromans

"Particles' Formation and Deposition in the Sanders RP Process"
A Gatto, L Iuliano & L Settineri

"Dimensional Accuracy of Different SLA Build Styles"
J Spencer, C Wykes & S Steel

13:30 - 15:00
Material Development (Non SLS)

"Development of Metal-Polymer Composites for Fused Deposition Modelling"
W Q Song, S H Masood & J H Hodgkin, C Friedl

"Stereolithography for the Fabrication of Ceramic Three Dimensional Parts"
C Hinczewski, S Corbel & T Chartier

"Processing of Advanced Functional Ceramic Components by Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) Techniques"
A Safari & S C Danforth

15:30 - 17:30
Material Development (SLS)

"Influence of Powder Parameters on Selective Laser Sintering of Tungsten-carbide Cobalt"
T Laoui, J Bonse, J-P Kruth & L Froyen

"Diode Laser Sintering of Compacted Metallic Powders for Desk Top Rapid Prototyping"
L Li, K L Ng & A Slocombe

"Direct Laser Freeform Fabrication of High Performance Cermet and Metal Components"
S Das, J J Beaman, M Wohlert, D L Bourell, T Fuesting, L Brown & K Sargent

"Selective Laser Sintering of Zirconium Silicate"
F Klocke & H Wirtz


08:30 - 10:30
Tooling 1 (Non SLA)

"Rapid Die Manufacturing System"
T Himmer, T Nakagawa & N Mohri

"A New Technology for the Manufacturing of Large Prototype Injection Moulds: LLCC (Laminated Laser Cut Cavities)"
T Dormal, J-L Dam & U Baraldi

"Potentials of Rapid Prototyping Techniques for the Manufacture of Prototype Sheet Metal Forming Tools"
H Mueller & H Enzmann

"Rapid Tooling Process Chains Based on SLS"
G Reinhart, J Faehrer & F Breitinger

11:00 - 12:30

"Rapid Stress Validation Process"
C Schley, G F Smith & G C Calvert

"Rapid Tooling - Simulation and Applications of the Injection Moulding Process"
K-H Dusel, J Eschl, P Eyerer & T Lueck

"Online Functional Testing with Rapid Prototypes: A Novel Empirical Similarity Method"
U Cho, K L Wood & R H Crawford

13:30 - 15:00
Case Studies

"Combining Rapid Prototyping and Component Simulation for Rapid Manufacture of RTM Composite Development Components"
M De Cooper Jones

"Rapid Tooling for Sand Casting in the Portuguese Foundry Industry"
J M G Carvalho Ferreira

"Exploring and Exploiting Time Compression Technologies for the Smaller Business"
S Upcraft

15:30 - 17:30
Tooling 2 (SLA)

"Direct Rapid Prototype Injection Moulding Tools"
S D Roberts & T J Illston

"Pressure Effects in Stereolithography Injection Moulding Tools"
S Rahmati, P M Dickens & C Wykes

"Production of Electro-Discharge Machining Electrodes by Using Stereolithography and Electroforming Process"
P K D V Yarlagadda, V S Subramanian, P Chrisodoulou & M Nylon

"Study of Mechanical Strength and Stiffness of Stereolithography Investment Casting Shells"
P K D V Yarlagadda, K K Tai & A Riek

17:30 - Close of Conference

If you would like to receive further details regarding the event,
including the abstracts for the papers to be presented and details of
exhibiting at the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Donna Cope
Department of Manufacturing Engineering
University Park
Tel +44 (0)115 951 4031
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E-Mail epzdlc@epn1.nott.ac.uk

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