Re: 5 AXIS mills

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 02:06:07 EEST

Bauer, Carol (MN51) wrote:

> Where can I get a copy of your book? Thanks.

    The book has recently been reprinted by Ennex Corporation (originally
published by Prentice Hall). You can find information on it at, but note that the price has been reduced from Prentice
Hall's $76 to $35. The book is now printed in smaller quantity by photocopying
and so the photographs are not at their original quality, but they're still
pretty good. You can order the book using the order form on the Web site. Just
ignore the price stated there. (I need to get around to updating the Web site.)
You will be charged the new price of $35.

Marshall Burns

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